Herb Cal Tab


Herb Cal® Tab

Using calcium mined from fossilized coral, chewable Herb Cal® Tab is a superior calcium supplement. It is formulated with concentrated herbal extracts, enzymes and Vitamin D2 to enhance absorption.



Calcium is necessary for building strong bones and teeth.* Adequate intake of calcium may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Regular exercise and a healthy diet with enough calcium helps teen and young adult white and Asian women maintain good bone health and may reduce their high risk of osteoporosis later in life. Calcium helps the nervous system work properly.* It helps muscles contract and blood to clot.*

A superior calcium supplement, Herb Cal® Tab contains calcium from a combination of carbonate, citrate and gluconate forms that is mined from fossilized coral for purity. Many other brands contain calcium from oyster shell, which may contain lead, mercury, arsenic or other heavy metals from industrial run-off. Each tab contains 250 mg of Calcium, 25% of the recommended daily value.

90/1600 mg Tabs : As a dietary supplement, chew one to two tabs daily or as desired.