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My Revolutionary Health

About Me

In 2005, I began searching for ways to regain my health. I became chronically ill for over 6 months. These issues included: chronic fatigue syndrome (which I was diagnosed with at the age of 27), arthritis, depression/anxiety and sugar cravings. Medical treatments were not working and the problems were getting worse. Feeling a sense of hopelessness, I began to study under several naturopathic doctors for answers and solutions. This process is facilitated through a healthy lifestyle that includes whole food nutrition with the addition of concentrated herbal foods. Additionally, a DNA test can give direct guidance on what supplements/foods will best support your health. This is done with a simple swab of the inside of your cheek. This allows customization of products to help you reach your goals faster based on your body’s needs.


After a few months of naturally cleansing out toxins, my health improved significantly and I have been free of ailments from 2005 until now in 2021. I continue to educate clients all over the country on how to improve their health through consuming the best products for our body. I’m now 48 years old and I continue to remain healthy and fit. If you are frustrated with treatments that suppress one problem but cause another, or you take supplements that do nothing, you’ve come to the right place.

I know this program to be the only opportunity to attain the highest health, as this is what has worked for me and many others. This is evidenced by successful permanent results when following some simple changes to your diet with the right supplementation. I will teach you how to nourish, balance, and cleanse your way to optimal health “There is only one major disease, and that is malnutrition. All ailments and afflictions are directly traceable to this disease. Food crops grown on depleted soil produce malnourished bodies and disease preys on malnourished bodies.” D. W. Cavanaugh M.D. Cornell University.


I have helped many regain their health. As stated earlier, this is based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, which is a way to maintain a balanced body for optimum health by properly nourishing and cleansing the body. Here is a list of products that I highly recommend: VitaShake, Nuplus, Quinary, Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, Sunbars, Sunnydew, Uforia DNA kit, and customized nutrition. Consuming these herbal whole foods and plant-based supplements on a daily basis will aid your body’s natural cleansing and healing process and help you reach your nutritional goals. Additionally, from my own personal experience as well as my degree, I have become an expert for years on how to overcome eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa. By obtaining the proper education, nutrition, and therapy these disorders can be overcome. For a free consultation and for help on ordering you can speak directly to me by calling (480) 263-0233.

– Andrea Nobis

A percentage of the profits from My Revolutionary Health will be distributed to the family of the late Anthony Polidori as well as the National Adrenal Disease Foundation.

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