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About me

“Let Medicine be Thy Food, Thy Food be Thy Medicine” Hippocrates

In 2005, I began searching for ways to regain my health. I became chronically ill for over 6 months.

These issues included: chronic fatigue syndrome (which I was diagnosed with at the age of 27), arthritis, depression/anxiety and sugar cravings.

Medical treatments were not working and the problems were getting worse.

– Andrea Nobis

Owner, My revolutionary Health

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over 25 years

In The Health
Food Industry
Hand Planted

Our organic products are hand planted which ensures it is 100% healthy.

Well Watered

Our products are well watered which ensures it is 100% healthy.

Perfect Product

We select the safest and healthiest ingredients to make sure you consume only the best.

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Looking to learn more or have specific questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d LOVE to help!


    Contact Andrea for a free consultation on the nourish, balance, and cleanse program (valued at $150.00). A full review of the products will be covered during the consultation.

    You can reach me directly at 480-263-0233 to schedule your free consultation.


    The program consists of herbal beverages, herbal foods, and precise nutrition to support your own specific DNA that is concentrated and nutrient-dense. The herbal foods can be consumed by mixing into a delicious shake or simply by adding water and customized nutrition can be selected in the form of powder or capsules. Andrea will provide extensive educational materials and product information on the foods and all the benefits they provide.


    There is no minimum purchase required in this program. You determine how much you want to spend. This program is designed to provide guidance on how to make healthy lifestyle changes to gain optimal health.

    With these nutrient-rich products, you will watch your cravings for unhealthy foods simply disappear!

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    Comming Soon

    A percentage of the profits from My Revolutionary Health will be distributed to the family of the late Anthony Polidori as well as the National Adrenal Disease Foundation.

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